FragranceNet Black Friday 2023

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In addition to individual deals on select fragrances, typically offers a site wide savings code along with free shipping on all orders for Black Friday. While we don't have the FragranceNet Black Friday ad yet, we expect we'll be able to confirm the details very shortly.

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Below are last year's FragranceNet Black Friday deals. We expect to have their new 2021 ad posted within the next few days. Please join our mailing list above to be notified when this ad is released.

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FragranceNet continued with their traditional Black Friday sale of 25% off all purchases without any exceptions. They also offered free shipping on all items. Prices are good through Monday.


Oh FragranceNet, how you surprise us! We fully expected them to come back again this year with a 25% discount but no - they had to up the ante to 30% off everything! Yes, FragranceNet is taking Black Friday seriously this year by offering 30% off every order and they are featuring free shipping with no minimum purchase required! It's great to see them step up with Black Friday game and be more competitive with other retailers because it means shoppers win with low prices on perfumes and makeup products.

FragranceNet Black Friday 2016


Last year we were disappointed with FragranceNet's Black Friday deals since they only offered 20% off all items. Apparently, they heard our complaints and this year they bumped up their Thanksgiving day savings by offering 25% off all perfume, cologne, make-up, and skin care products. Sure, it's only an extra 5% off compared to last year but this deal is more in line with what we would expect from retailers during Black Friday.

FragranceNet Black Friday 2015


During FragranceNet's Black Friday sale in 2014, they offered 20% off all items on their website when you used a special promo code at checkout. This deal is a little disappointing as we expected much more significant savings from this year. Our advice? You might want to skip the sale this year and instead look at other retailers who offer similar products. Ouch!

FragranceNet Black Friday 2014