Groupon Black Friday 2023

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While Groupon isn't the first store you think of during Black Friday, they actually do participate and the deals are not limited to only services or travel. The 2023 Black Friday sale at Groupon is a week long event starting the day before Thanksgiving and will feature discounts of up to 80% off specific items across several categories. Some of the more notably deals include discounts off refurbished electronics such as Apple iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. They will also have select headphones and sound equipment, holiday decor, and toys for all ages on sale.

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Below are last year's Groupon Black Friday deals. We expect to have their new 2021 ad posted within the next few days. Please join our mailing list above to be notified when this ad is released.

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Groupon's 2022 Black Friday sale focuses on small tech items, like half price for select refurbished Apple iPads, and beauty and experience gift vouchers at over 50% off. Massages at a local venue will run you 63% off their retail price and other spa services up to 90% off.