PETCO Black Friday 2024

Get a free pair of cat or dog pet antlers with any in-store purchase on Black Friday.

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PETCO is more than your average pet store and their goal is to make caring for pets as easy and inexpensive as possible. During the PETCO Black Friday sale, you can get everything need to treat you pet to a wonderful holiday season. The 2024 ad features great deals on pet beds, toys for your pet, and even discounts on pet food. The sale only lasts two days so be sure to check out the sale before it's too late!

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Petco's Black Friday deal this year is probably the best we've seen from them in the recent past. They are offering up to 50% off every single item in the store. Their Pet DNA kits are a smart gift idea for the pet lover on your list and are 35% off. Also don't miss Petco dog training sessions now 20% off their normal price!